About Us

New technologies and new business models are changing the way businesses operate in a digital, client-first world. Competition is fiercer than ever before, blurring industry boundaries and making regulations more complex to navigate. Adapting to this disruptive new world order means working with a flexible partner who can help you reimagine your business at a pace and scale that suits your objectives.   

How geevo® helps   

geevo® is member of CPbros Group, a Management Consulting Group and its mission is to provide deep domain expertise along with vast business strategy and governance experience. Whether adopting new technologies while maintaining steady-state operations, managing culture and change, or driving efficiencies, we partner with you at each step of the transformation journey - from define, design to deliver results.   
Central to our client work is our culture of entrepreneurship. We fuel it with data-driven insights from across the technology and industry spectrum, bringing you the latest innovations in technology. geevo® provide businesses with the flexibility they need, be it advisory, end-to-end delivery or team scale.   
From an individual subject matter expert to fully outsourced change delivery capabilities - we provide a range of services in the range of:   

  • Data Privacy & Information Security
  • Business Transformation
  • Information Technology Transformation
  • Human Capital Transformation   

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