Information Security

At geevo®, our continuous focus is information security. Many organizations have matured to the point that they are demanding that security be considered beyond basic technologies and services. 

geevo® takes a programmatic approach to solving these clients’ security needs. We take into account the diverse range of security concerns, such as business strategy and planning, monitoring and operations, and defences and controls. Our advanced research and extensive hands-on experience have enabled us to create comprehensive solutions.

Security Services

We offer a complete portfolio of cybersecurity services to help you define your strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness to enable your business through information security.

Security Operations

For security teams seeking partners to help with security automation and security orchestration, geevo®  provides a comprehensive suite of solutions.

Security Technology

Meet your IT security product needs with geevo®. We partner with industry-leading security technology manufacturers to optimize your security environment.

Secure both data and backbone systems

geevo® provides a unified platform for monitoring what is going on across both data storages and backbone systems. This visibility enables our customers to understand where sensitive data is located, what the risks around it are and what activity is threatening its security.

Vulnerability Assessment

We offer a cloud-based vulnerability management platform built for today’s elastic IT assets, such as cloud, containers and web applications.

geevo® provides enterprises actionable insight into their entire infrastructure’s security risks, allowing them to quickly and accurately identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in their modern IT environment.

Also available is on-premise solution for Continuous Monitoring, Real-Time Alerts/Notifications and Vulnerability Prioritization.